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Requirement for South Dakota Food HandlersSouth Dakota Food Safety Training

Food Handlers: 

Food service workers in South Dakota are required by law to be able to demonstrate correct and safe food handling techniques and procedures at any time. There must always be at least one person on staff who has passed an approved food service manager training program (a CFM). There must be at least one CFM or a food handler working during all business hours.

If you need your Food Safety for Handlers certificate of completion, you can take this training online in just a few hours. 

South Dakota Food Safety for Handlers Certificate Program
South Dakota Food Safety for Handlers Course

Requirements: In South Dakota, food service workers in are required by law to be able to demonstrate correct and safe food handling techniques and procedures at any time. Taking this course will teach you the information you need to know.

Food Safety for Handlers Certificate Program

The South Dakota Department of Health requires all food handlers to be able to demonstrate knowledge of safe food handling techniques and procedures at any time.  Having a food handler card is a good way to demonstrate your knowledge.  There must be either a Certified Food Manager (CFM) or food handler on duty at all times (during business hours). 

PSCC's online training allows you to ensure you have met the food safety requirements of South Dakota.

The old adage is true - a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Your employees will make countless decisions during the work day (many outside of your view) that can impact your product, your customers and your establishment. Reducing the risk of foodborne illness means educating and training all of your food handlers.

We all understand the enormous time commitment that training entails. Fortunately, you can use our Food Handler Certificate Program to train your employees with a basic understanding of foodborne illness, personal hygiene, safe food handling techniques, and more. When combined with comprehensive policies and practices, food handler training will significantly reduce the risk of an outbreak in your establishment.

If you are a food handler working in the food service industry, it is your responsibility to know safe food handling techniques and procedures. This online food safety certificate program course will teach you everything you need to know to work as a responsible food handler and provide you an industry accepted certificate from a leader in the food service / hospitality industry.

Requirement for South Dakota Food Handlers
Responsible Serving® of Food, South Dakota Requirements:
ALL Food handlers must be able to demonstrate knowledge (per South Dakota statutes).  There must be at least one food handler (or a CFM) on staff during all business hours.  Food handler knowledge must include:
Required Knowledge must include details of cooking food statutes 44:02:07:28; and cooling food statute 44:02:07:32; clean tableware 44:02:07:25; and sanitation statutes 44:02:07:56 and 44:02:07:58.
Examples of training requirements: 
  • The minimum cooking temperature for pork, beef or other potentially hazardous foods
  • How long these different foods have to be at that temperature before they are safe to eat
  • The time allowed to cool potentially hazardous foods to the appropriate temperature
  • Appropriate cooling procedures
  • Many more...

Train at your convenience (online ~2 hours)
Print your certificate from your computer

Optionally, employers can track employee progress via the online student tracking system.

These are just a few of the questions this course answers. The interactive online Certified Food Manager Course from PSCC will provide you with a good grasp of proper management in a food handling environment - from cross contamination to equipment and utensils to regulatory requirements. The online Food Safety Certificate Program for Food Handlers Course will give your servers and food handlers the knowledge they need to act as responsible food handlers.

South Dakota Food Safety Training